Terms and Conditions

  • All prices are inclusive of GST.
  • Material and installation prices may be on the same invoice but will be deemed to be two distinct and separate prices.
  • All quotes are subject to Outdoor Professionals (further referred to as OP) site measure/ inspection unless measurements supplied by the customer.
  • OP is not and will not be responsible for the replacement of pavers or turf of any sort that are damaged during installation.
  • Site plans, Floor plans and Elevation plans must be submitted to OP prior to patio Building permit application, OP will not attempt to
    reproduce any plans by way of drawing or contracting a draft-person to do so. All plans supplied to OP are deemed to be the working
    drawings used to build the premises that the patio will be installed to. All plans supplied to OP must be up-to-date with any amendments and
    all structures included. OP will not be responsible for the application to purchase copies of plans or pay for any associated fees.
  • Measurements submitted by the customer/third party or representative of, not represented by OP will be priced upon accordingly, all
    differences or discrepancies in size or design shall deem the quote invalid thus requiring an adjustment to reflect the difference.
  • All responsibility for measurements supplied to OP by a third party not representing OP shall remain with the third party.
  • Any request to return stock after the contract is entered will result in re-stocking charge. Cancellation of contract after shire submission will
    forfeit the deposit paid, cost of shire applications and all associated costs required for shire submission. Cancellation of contract after
    materials are ordered will forfeit deposit and progress payment number one. Cancellation of contract after delivery and prior to or during
    installation will forfeit deposit, progress payment number one and progress payment number two.
  • If a patio application is rejected by shire and amendments cannot be made to meet shire requirements, or if the customer does not want to
    amend the size or design to meet shire requirements, the deposit will be refunded minus any shire fees and all associated costs required for
    shire submission.
  • Quotes are valid for a period of thirty days unless alternative arrangements have been made.
  • No allowance is made for crane hire, core drilling, scaffolding or any related costs/invoices unless specified on the quote. All unforeseen
    expenses relating to the work while in progress or while installing shall become payable by the customer.
  • No work including engineering drawings, shire applications, manufacturing or installations will commence until deposit or appropriate
    progress payments have been paid.
  • Weather: if at any time during installation the weather conditions prevent safe installation due to rain, heat or any other natural occurrence, it
    is the right of the installer to cease work and continue at a later date.
  • All drawings, designs produced by OP including building permits granted to or commissioned by OP, remain the intellectual property of OP.
    Any reproduction or acting upon without permission from OP is a breach of copyright.
  • By supplying the appropriate drawings and plans the customer is giving permission to OP to reproduce them for the purpose of shire
  • All photographs taken by a member of the OP staff or representative remain the property of OP. The customer by acceptance of the quotation
    hereby grants OP permission to photograph the site and finished/unfinished product and permission to reproduce the photograph in any form
    required for the purpose of advertising OP.
  • 5% of the total invoice price to be paid as a deposit. Progress payment number one is 50% of total invoice price and is due on receipt by OP the
    shire approval. Progress payment number two is 40% of the invoice total price and is due on delivery of materials prior to installation
    commencement. Final payment is the balance of the invoice total due upon practical completion.
  • The customer has a maximum of seven days from completion of installation to report defects in the product that may cause the customer to
    delay payment. After the lapse of the seven-day period, the total balance of the work will be due and payable, and the defect will be repaired
    as soon as possible under the warranty provided.
  • Liability for damage caused by any means including accidental or intentional, acts of God or terrorism shall pass to the customer upon
    receiving the product and/or leaving the premises of OP. Including deliveries to the site by third party suppliers of materials.
  • Legal title to any goods or service shall not pass to the customer until the invoice has been paid in full.
  • Upon non-payment within the trading terms, OP shall have the right, and is authorised by the customer to enter any premises or vehicle
    where the goods may be stored or in use from time to time, with or without others, and to retake possession of and remove the same, the
    customer hereby indemnifies OP against any claim, action or any damages arising out of any such action, and against the cost of the same.

    • If the customer defaults in payment of any account (maximum seven days) then all monies owing to OP shall be due and payable.
      The debt will be subject to collection charges which will be added to the account, and interest at the rate under section 32 of the
      Supreme Court Act 1932 will be claimed up to and including the date on which the debt is paid in full, and:
    • All debts outstanding and in dispute or not shall give OP due cause to lodge legal action against the encumbered party within the
      Courts of Australia.
    • All debts outstanding and in dispute or not, shall give OP due cause to register the encumbered party with Dun & Bradstreet for
      registration onto their credit default register, upon settlement of the account OP, shall notify Dun & Bradstreet of the progress and duly so
      Dun & Bradstreet shall remove the details of the encumbered party from the database.
    • All debts outstanding and in dispute or not shall give OP due cause to lodge a caveat over any property required, until such time
      the matter is settled, registering an interest in the property on the Title Deed of the property.
    • All expenses incurred by OP in recovering the monies due, inclusive of legal representation costs, caveat fees, company title
      searches, and all debt collector’s fees and disbursements, any costs in relation to credit reference checks and access to credit history
      and reporting of credit dishonor to Veda Advantage Australia for registration onto the credit default register shall be a debt due and
      owing to OP, and shall be added to the outstanding invoice prior to initiating legal action.
    • Companies and trusts of any kind, directors, and trustee beneficiaries guarantee, by acceptance of the quote whether written or
      verbal, that the assets of the trust of the company shall be available to pay any amounts due and owing by the company or trust to settle the
      OP account. Upon liquidation of a company or winding up of a trusted OP will instruct Dun & Bradstreet to act as our representative and
      shall, therefore, proceed to claim any monies owing.
  • Legal proceedings: regardless of any application to the contrary, the operations of OP are governed by the laws of Western Australia, any
    action initiated by OP against the customer, and/or any action initiated by the customer against OP, will take place under the laws of Western
    Australia, and in the courts (regardless of the amount), which are located in the City of Perth.

Authority to proceed written, verbal or any other way conveyed constitutes acceptance of the above conditions.

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