Dome Patios


When it comes to patio designs, dome patios provide a unique, polished appearance. They provide more overall height clearance than other patio roofing, which maximizes airflow and the amount of natural light being let in. Dome patios are popular on business premises, especially restaurants and schools. But they are also common on residential properties as well, as they are ideal for providing sheltering for pools and spas, as well as housing cars, boats, and caravans. If you’re interested in a new dome patio for your home or business, look no further than Outdoor Professionals.

The dome patios that we provide at Outdoor Professionals can be made up to 8 meters wide using the correct specifications and materials. They are available in the full range of Colorbond powder coat colors for roofing. Alongside offering professional installation services, we also provide the option for you to build your own dome patio with our DIY patio kits, which are available for delivery to your doorstep anywhere in WA. We guarantee that the experts here at Outdoor Professionals will be able to provide you with the patio you desire, no matter what your requirements may be.

Adding a touch of class to your property, dome patios are perfect for hosting parties and entertaining guests. It is suitable for all seasons, from providing a cool environment to spend time in the summer due to the airflow that the heightened roof provides to offering shelter from the wind and the rain during the winter. The only downside is that you may have difficulty keeping your guests away after installing a dome patio at home!


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