Designing the Patio for Your Garden

If you are thinking of building a patio in your garden, you must plan its design in advance. This is because building a patio is costly and you cannot do much once the patio has been built as it will stand in your property for a long time to come. Choose a design that keeps […]

Understanding the Cost of a Patio

If you have been impressed by a gable patio Perth installed at a friends house, your’e not alone.These beautiful structures not only look beautiful, they also help in creating a new outdoor living space,i f your home doesn’t yet have that special feature or look, it’s time to add a patio. Question is, do you […]

Choosing the Design for the Patio in Your Home

Choosing the Design for the Patio in Your Home If you are attracted by patios in homes of your friends in Perth and want one installed in your garden, you must figure out how much you are willing to spend for this project. Just remember that the money spent on building a patio in your […]

The real reasons companies want you to you pay more for the same product.

Heard the one about the company that offers the better product and better service hence the bigger price? Don’t let the joke be on you, or your wallet. Why are some patio companies so much more expensive than others? It’s simple business economics, nothing else. No matter how they want to sell you the reason […]

Patio applications approved in 10 days

Don’t wait weeks or months for your new patio. Ever ordered something new? Only to wait weeks on end in silence wondering if anything will actually ever happen? Let us make the process real easy, we get your patio application approved real quick. In Western Australia the building states that all new patios built on […]

Perth patios 4 things to keep in mind

Perth patios 4 things to keep in mind Patios are beautiful structures that add extra living space to your property and also add value. Functional in nature and adding valuable outdoor entertainment space to your home. 1. Deciding upon the location to build your new patio Most homeowners choose the back exit of their home […]

Reasons Why Patios Have Become So Popular Among Homeowners in Perth

If you are thinking along the lines of adding beauty and value to your home by adding living space in your garden, patios and carports should be one of your options. Decks and patios Perth made with steel and timber have caught the imagination of the homeowners these days. It is not just their beauty as […]

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